Wales winger Gareth Bale. It was reveal that the injury was hit again

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Wales winger Gareth Bale. It was reveal that the injury was hit again. Will miss to help the team in the ufabet game against Belgium on Tuesday for sure.

Bale has been out for a long time due to a torn hamstring injury in training since mid-September. before returning to the field for the first game in almost two months It was his 100th appearance for Wales in a 5-1 victory over Belarus, but was only on the field at half time. Earlier, both Bale and head coach Robert Page revealed that it was a pre-arranged plan to only play at half-time. 

And will not be a real player in the game against Belgium. But in the end, the Real Madrid winger is cut from the team. Bale confirmed after the game that he was feeling fine after two months of absence, but Spanish outlet Marca reported that Wales’ medical team Has sent information to Real Madrid that the player suffered an additional calf injury. That’s the reason why I didn’t play against Belgium on Tuesday.

Real Madrid’s medical team will wait for Bale to return for a check-up as soon as he arrives. Disappointed with the trainer Carlo Ancelotti was not less satisfied before the players were called to the national team. In order to get fit before returning to help the agency