Paul Pogba Go to rehabilitation in Dubai

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Manchester United have sent France midfielder Paul Pogba. Go to rehabilitation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Paul Pogba suffers a thigh injury Until having to withdraw from the French national ufabet team last week Expected recovery time of at least six weeks means the midfielder has the remainder of his contract with Manchester United in the final season. will miss out on the rest of 2021

The Daily Mail reports that Manchester United have sent Pogba to Dubai to recover from a thigh injury. and undergo a rehabilitation program in a warm-weather training camp. which is only for a period of time. The France international is determined to return stronger after about six weeks of recovery.

Pogba has been speculated by the British media that he may have played his last game for Manchester United because of the last season of his contract. Plus there is no tendency to renew the contract, causing the Red Devils to consider selling during the January market. Better than losing free players. It’s the second time next summer.

He said: ‘December is the month of dreams… and I can’t stop dreams, but it is better to not speak about Paul.

‘If some former Man United players don’t speak about me and Paul, they won’t work anymore.

‘It’s too early to speak about Paul Pogba’s contract. Let’s see what happens. I can’t stop anyone from dreaming.’