Liverpool block Karius from Furth without money

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Liverpool have declined to pay compensation for the remaining six months of their contract to allow free-agent players to join. Bundesliga side Greuther Furth in the January transfer window this.

A report from the Beer City newspaper ‘ Kicker ‘ said that Carus, who is entering the final season’s commitments, wants to move to Germany. Better than being a practice without a chance to kick the ‘ Reds ‘

But because Furth has no potential to pay compensation in the event Liverpool agree to terminate his contract with Deutsche.

While Liverpool is not a business I agree to keep it for myself. Hire myself. Even if I sit on the side of my ass, it’s still more comfortable. Unless Furth went to find money to pay for it at an acceptable rate. slowly open the negotiating table again  

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We’ve been rock by a number of positive Covid-19 cases in the squad – with some reports suggesting that all three of our first-choice keepers are self-isolating.

It’ll be interesting to see if any clubs are willing to buy Karius this month or whether he’ll have to wait until the summer and see his contract out.