Keown was pleased with Arsenal form

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BT Sport analyst Martin Keown believes Arsenal will be able to finish the season in the top four. With Champions League tickets next season based on the quality of their team of faith. in itself

‘ Cannon ‘ just beat West Ham 2-0 yesterday, marks the victory of 9 from the field , 14 games behind the league. Until able to overtake ‘ Khun Hammer ‘ as the fourth table Wrong. With the first three matches of the season, lost in a row, clean targets, falling far behind the plum.

The development and state of mind in the dressing room made Alumnus, Martin Keown

The development and state of mind in the dressing room made Alumnus. ‘ Wire ‘ at Keokuk Woodlawn believe kids will be happy to return them at the end.  

” I think this is a moment of transition to head coach the young man Mikel Arteta. Director of football youngest Edu Gaspar’s , Abu Cayo Sagar and Emil Smith. Rowe was two players who bounced back, ” the former Arsenal captain commented.

“ They just have to score more goals. It might have been tumultuous lately. ฺut now it’s in the top four. So why can’t it be preserve from now on?” 

” At that point, personally, I could feel the quality of the team , I could feel the belief. I would like to see Smith Rowe back down to the real thing. ฺecause every time. I get a chance, I’m always releasing stuff. ”  

” It’s important that we must not be spoil. Because this just another win 1 game next appointment across Leeds. And Arsenal Hill was necessary to get a good result as well. Everyone is starting to see quality in this team. They are shaping up. The team is united and needs to build on from that point. ” 

” The team is planning on a third striker, capped. And then carry it to Alex Masson at La Sainte Matt last night playing well. A very professional to a friend of his ( Obama’s. Young ) got drop. ” 

Arsenal ‘s next three games are without a top six team : Leeds , Norwich and Wolves.