Dias raises his beloved enemy swan boat, pounding to make each other stronger

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Manchester City defender Ruben Dias has labeled Liverpool as his favorite contender. Because it creates value in winning the championship for them, no matter what program they enter on the field. and believe that breathing on the nape of the neck continues like this The benefit side is the football fans because it’s fun.

Just take the English Premier League football , these 2 teams are vying for 3 of the last 4 seasons. There will be only the previous season where the ‘ Reds ‘ defender bursts into bloom until the tire falls off the curve since Christmas.  

Until 2021-22 , there are only a few games left. But they still squeeze each other with a distance of 1 point. Where the Champions League is eligible to meet in the final again.  

That has made Dias view Jürgen Klopp ‘s team as a beloved enemy. Because if the success is rule out. Both sides help to polish each other to be better than before.

“ A rivalry like this is what football needs. and the fans of every team want to ” an open mouth with the official website

“ Just performing better than the enemy is enough to make football entertaining in the best possible way. ” 

“ We are talking about two great teams that are ready to win every battle. ” 

“ So we are commit to ourselves. Concentrate on what you want Certainly, just winning first is enough. ” 

“ For their opponents ( Liverpool ) I think they are now at the same level of great performance. ” 

“ That makes the hunt for either the English Premier League title or the Champions League not easy. ” 

“ We are well aware of that. And we know that only the highest level of performance is needed to keep consistent results. ” 

“ Will make it to the end Maintain the championship in your own hands. and shut down the work. ”