Bayern Munich, UEFA Ranking, Liverpool – Boat Track

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Bayern Munich ranks 1st with the highest scores by UEFA coefficients. While the second place belongs to Liverpool, an English club.

         UEFA handles club coefficient calculations across Europe. Based on the results of competitions in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League. And Conference League over the past five seasons. From the above calculations, “Tiger Tai” is the ufabet team with the most points at 138 points.

         The Reds are in second place in this season’s Champions League final and Manchester City are closely followed with 134 points, followed by Chelsea with 123 points and Real Madrid. This year’s nomination also has 122 points, ranking fifth. 

         Sixth place belongs to Barcelona with 114 points, 7th place Paris Saint-Germain 112 points, 8th place Juventus 107 points, ninth place Atletico Madrid and Manchester United have the same points. together at 105 points