A leap year for Emile Smith Rowe

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If there was a player whose career life changed drastically in the past year, the name “Emile Smith Rowe” ​​would be one of them.

From a youngster who rarely got chances in important games and has been release on loan for 2 rounds, has become the heart and hope of Arsenal now. In addition, it has stepped up to be a senior national team already. 

It all happened in just 12 months, and here are 10 life-changing events for Emile Smith Rowe that have set him up for a stable and progressive career.

1. First Premier League start

Emile Smith Rowe is given a crucial opportunity from Mikel Arteta to make his Premier League start for the first time on Boxing Day of 2020. After his side’s run of seven league games without a win. And it was a loss of 5 matches, making Arteta’s coaching chair extremely hot.

Smith Rowe played offensively with two other youngsters, Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli, before helping the team to their best form in a 3rd win over Chelsea 3-1. With Croydon’s youngster also scoring his first assist of the season.  

2. Become an indispensable core

The game against Chelsea was a real turning point in Emile Smith Rowe’s life since then. He became another core that Mikel Arteta puts in the starting lineup every game. 

Smith Rowe has provided 3 assists in his first 5 league starts. And helping the team to perform better than ever since being born on Boxing Day Unfortunately, Arsenal dropped too many points in the first half of the season and missed out on European tickets. 

3. First “North London Derby Match”

One of the toughest tests for young players is The “derby match” in which Emile Smith Rowe experienced the “North London derby” for the first time in his life at the age of 20. .

Arsenal opened the Emirates Stadium with a 2-1 win over rivals Spurs as Emile Smith Rowe was outstanding. Until grabbed the position of the man of the match and almost scored a beautiful shot in front of the penalty area But unfortunately the ball hit the beam.  

4. He was name in the England Under-21 national team for the first time.

After three months of outstanding performances in Arsenal’s starting line-up, Emile Smith Rowe was call up to the England Under-21 squad for the first time this month. March or a day after the game, leading the team to break the golden spur’s neck 

The rising star has joined the U-21 battle. The European Championships where he started in the first game of the group stage in defeat. Switzerland 0-1 and did not qualify for the knockout round.

5. First Premier League Goal

The first top-flight goal came in the opening 3-1 win over West Bromwich Albion on 9 May, having previously net three goals in the League Cup and Europa League.

Arsenal continued the beautiful ball on the left side before Bukayo Saka, who grew up from the youth team together. Open the ball to run in and shoot volley with an emphasis on the left, decisively.