Bar refrigerator - Create Your Own Mini Bar

Bars have become an integrated part or a modern house. This is a place when you can sit and relax after a hard working day. Such places are completely different, in comparison with living or dining rooms. Bars are just for fun and winding down. There you can sit with your friends, have some chilled drinks or just sit along and enjoy the atmosphere. Of course beverages and the spirit are the main stars of any bar, but selection and supply with the right appliances play one of the decisive parts. Present market offers a wide range of bar refrigerators and it is easier to select the right model, if you know what you are looking for.

Bar refrigerators are perfect not only for home bars, but they are a good choice for studio apartments, small offices, holiday homes, university dormitories, hotels or even mobile homes. A wide range of models allow you to choose the capacity of the unit, its color, style, size and number of features. Modern models with stainless steel doors has become very popular among the customers, because they look sleek, clean and stylish. Still such appliances require more thorough maintenance, as all the fingertips and smudges will be seen on the surface. If you don't want a stainless steel unit, then you can select black or white models, which will suit any interior. bar refrigerators

Choosing an appliance you should pay attention to the construction of the unit, its reliability and solidity. Bar refrigerators differ from standard household devices, for instance their doors should be more solid, in order to hold cans with beer and soft drink. They should also have a thermostat, in order to regulate the internal temperature. The arrangement of shelves is also slightly different. It is advisable to choose an appliance with glass shelves, because they are more elegant and strong (such shelves can withstand up to 100 kg load). Most of brands of bar appliances need to be defrosted manually from time to time, but recent models are offered with frost-free feature, which simplifies the maintenance considerably.

Position of bar refrigerator

Choosing a bar refrigerator for your home or office is the first step, during which a lot of details should be considered. One of such factor is the future location of an appliance. Bar units are offered in different models and you can find contertop, undercounter and even in-built models in the market. It also advisable to pay attention to the door opening direction, so it was convenient for you to use the unit. Some brands offer reversible doors, so the opening direction can be changed easily, just with the help of a screwdriver. But, please, keep in mind that only in models, which were designed with reversible doors, the direction can be changed. It is better to check the manual or contact dealer/manufacturer for more information, concerning the particular model. During the installation it is also important to take into consideration the ventilation space. The amount depends on the model and manufacturer, but, as a rule, it makes up 2cm on both sides and 3cm at the top and back of the unit.

Different types of bar refrigerators

bar refrigerator The type of bar refrigerator depends on the type of installation. The main types are: countertop and undercounter – these models are similar to standard refrigerators, except their size and inside arrangement. Such appliances may also have a small freezer, usually it is located on the top, which allows you to keep ice cubes and ice cream there. Bottle and back bar coolers are the types of bar refrigerator, which are very popular due to the wide range of features and attractive look. Bottle coolers are one of the most common types of bar appliances. They have a sliding door on the top and you can acquire the goods by reaching down into the cooler.

Back bar coolers are designed to be places under a counter or bar, that's why they have a short height. You can find back bar units with shelves or completely open for holding kegs. The doors can be sliding or swing-style and they can be made of glass or metal. These devices are a perfect choice for small bars.

There are a lot of brands of bar refrigerators in the market and the selection of a manufacturer may become a hard task. It is advisable to check the after-sales service that a company offers and also Warranty terms. With correct installation and well maintenance bar fridges will serve you for years and they can be reasonably called a profitable investment.