Domestic & Commercial Uses of the Microwave Oven along with Its Types

Nowadays it is compulsory to have microwave oven at your home in order to complete the basics of the house. A microwave oven is an accessory that is very important for the household because it is not possible to reheat the frozen or refrigerated food using a pan on the fire. It also takes much time to reheat the food without using a microwave oven. That is why there is a wide choice of microwave ovens in markets around the world. Not so long ago it was very difficult for people to get food ready for lack of microwave ovens, as the ordinary types of the same were only available in the market that did not serve the purpose well.

The oven was only available along with the cooking ranges of different kind that worked with the help of gas. However,not long after it was also available solely without having the cooking range and got by people as per their requirement. The simple ovens were used for commercial as well as for meeting domestic needs of people. This kind of ovens was used for baking purpose mostly as there was no facility of cooking and grilling different food. However, an ordinary oven that runs with the help of gas was being used for commercial work of bakers to get the things baked using it.

Currently, with the improvement of science and technology there are so many microwave oven types available in the market that are different in natures, quality, facilities and prices as well. A microwave oven is very easy to use and consume less energy for working. It is now available in the compact form as compared to the simple ovens in the past. On the other hand a microwave oven can work with the help of electricity and can produce heat for your meal in seconds. You can reheat the frozen or refrigerated food in two or five minutes keeping in view the nature of the food.

Types of Microwave Ovens

The microwave ovens are basically of five types that could be bought by a person keeping in view the nature of his requirement i.e. convection microwave, over the range microwave, built in microwave, countertop microwave and combination microwave. Let us discuss all these types of microwave ovens. There is another form i.e. small microwave that may exist in any of the above type of microwaves.

Countertop Microwave Ovens

A countertop microwave oven is the one that may be used keeping the same on the counter of the kitchen. It may be different in size as there are three sizes available in market regarding the countertop microwave oven i.e. small having thirty liters capacity, medium having forty liters capacity and large having fifty liters capacity. The large countertop microwave is also known as economy size oven. This type of microwave is very popular and easy to use as it could be used keeping the same on any counter. It may be used for housework as well as for commercial works too.

Convection Microwave Ovens

The meaning of a convector is that an electric appliance that can circulate warm air through its magnetic field by convection. Therefore a convection microwave oven is the one that works using its convector to give heat to the meal for the purpose of cooking it or just heating it through electronic warm air. This type of microwave is easy in use and consumes less energy for working. A countertop oven may also be a convection microwave or it could be of any other type of microwave. It has been use for meeting the domestic needs as well as for handling the commercial work of hotels where you need to tackle a lot of customers in few minutes. It is easily available in the market and is being used generally by people all over the world.

Built In and Over the Range Microwave

People all over the world made their home kitchens and hotels with latest styles and as per international standards that is why they used different types of microwave to be installed to the kitchens. Some people keep a certain space in the kitchen in order to place a microwave in it. Over the range microwave ovens are available in so many sizes that are being used by people to keep in the specific places left empty for the purpose of keeping an over the range microwave in it. On the other hand a built in microwave should to be installed by a professional, keeping in view the area of the kitchen as well as hotel.

Combination Microwaves & Small Microwave

A small microwave could be found in any of the above category of the microwaves for the compact places where kitchens are of small nature in the houses usually. On the other hand a combination microwave is the one that can perform different jobs at the same time. You can perform the work of cooking of different kinds along with grilling of meet and chicken, as well as baking facilities in a combination microwave form. All the microwaves can produce heat to the food but the other forms of microwaves could not perform the function of cooking, grilling and baking except the integrated form of the same.