Summit Refrigerators

Summit appliances are widely known for their advanced facilities and wide variety of models. The units are developed and marketed by Felix Torch Inc. This company was founded in 1969 and has been a leading supplier of compact, specialty, commercial and medical refrigerators and freezers. Summit brand name was introduced to guarantee quality of highest level and their expectancies were realized completely.

Currently Summit products' lineup includes: freezers, icemakers, microwave ovens, cooktops, wall ovens, gas/electric ranges, wine cellars, beer frosters, refrigerators, washers & dryers, dishwashers and many others. Summit fridges are energy-efficient, elegant and powerful. They can provide you with all the necessary features and perfect matching with the interior décor. The lineup of Summit refrigerators is rather wide and they divided into several types: apartment size, built-in undercounter, drawers, counter-depth, compact and full size. All the types of Summit refrigerators have two main categories: All refrigerators (Freezerless) and Refrigerator-freezer, so each customer can choose the unit that will meet his needs and expectations most.

Summit refrigerator reviews note that these appliances are great in terms of style and design. They are produced especially for home usage and there are units, which are primarily ceated for use in medical facilities, hotels, schools, dormitories, small and commercial kitchens, offices and medium or large restaurants. The company offers different types of fridges in various sizes, so you can choose a unit that will suit any amount of space that you have. The units are durable, energy-efficient, high-end and stylish, so they will definitely meet your needs and expectations.

Summit Apartment Style Refrigerators

One of the main features of Summit Apartment fridges is the thin-line design, because these units are designed specially for hard-to-fit spots at your kitchen. So if you are looking for a compact unit from the outside and capacious inside, then Summit apartment appliance is a good solution for you.

Summit apartment all-refrigerators can provide you with such features, as: automatic defrost, internal fan, interior light, reversible door, adjustable shelves, fruit and vegetable crisper, door storage and 100% CFC Free, what means that these units are environmentally friendly and don't contain ozone-damaging chemicals.

Summit offers over 30 models of apartment refrigerator-freezer units and each model is unique and peculiar. In some models the freezer is located at the top and in some models it is placed at the bottom, so it is advisable to pay attention to that during the selection. Refrigerator-freezer appliances come with options like: adjustable thermostat, door storage, wine shelf, clear crispers, reversible doors, ultra quiet performance, combination frost-free/auto defrost and large leveling legs. The units are offered in different colors, so you can choose the one that will go with your kitchen interior most.

Summit Built-in Undercounter Refrigerators

Summit offers one of the largest lineups of built-in undercounter refrigerators in different designs. Built-in undercounter fridges also include all-refrigerators and refrigerator-freezer models.

Built-in undercounter all-refrigerators are a perfect choice for country houses, bars, game rooms, dorms and just for people, who already have a stand alone freezer and are looking for a compact fridge only. These units come with such options like: automatic defrost, adjustable thermostat, interior light on rocker switch, glass shelves, factory-installed lock, one piece interior liner, fruit and vegetable crisper, reversible door and other facilities, depending on the model of the unit. Some models conform to the ADA standards.

Summit built-in standard appliances (refrigerator-freezer) provide you with full range of facilities and compact design at the same time. They are a good choice for small kitchens, home bars, dorms, hotels and rec-rooms. These units come with a wide range of options, like: dual evaporator, cycle or manual defrost, adjustable or digital thermostat, glass shelves, interior light on rocker switch, clear crispers, door storage, reversible doors, Zero degree freezer, factory-installed lock or no-lock system and much more, depending on the model of the unit.

Summit Refrigerator Drawers

Refrigerator drawers are a good addition to any kitchen. They are compact, capacious and very handy. Summit offers two types of refrigerator drawers: 24” and 36” wide units.

24” refrigerator drawers can be easily placed in any location. They are compact, convenient, functional and with a large number of features, like: automatic defrost, internal fan, height adjustable, anti-tip bracket, digital thermostat, LED lighting, alarm, Sabbath mode, crisper baskets, rapid chill compartment and professional thin towel bar handles. The list of features may depend on the model of the drawer and it is advisable to take this into account during the selection.

Summit 36” refrigerator drawers provide you with full comfort and absolute luxury. These two-drawers units come with stainless steel finish and large number of options, like: automatic defrost, professional towel bar/horizontal handles, see-thru glass bottom top drawer, adjustable thermostat, metal containers, interior light and generous 6.7 cu. ft. capacity.

Summit Full Size Refrigerators

Summit brand includes not only compact refrigerators, but they also offer full size fridges to their customers. Reliable, stylish, high-end and neat units can perfectly go with any kitchen décor. If you have already purchased a freezer or you just don't need it, then you can select all-refrigerator model from the Summit lineup.

Full-size all-refrigerator are equipped with such facilities, as: frost-free operation, adjustable shelves, door storage, adjustable or digital thermostat, interior light, front-mounted lock, fan-forced cooling, slide-out baskets and professional towel bar handle. These units provide with all the necessary features, capacious interior, energy-efficient performance and attractive design.

Full-size freezer-refrigerators have all the features in wide range of sizes and styles. Summit full-size appliances include bottom- and top-freezer models, which are offered with such options, as: frost-free operation, adjustable glass shelves, humidity-controlled clear crispers, factory-installed ice maker, hanging deli crisper door storage, interior light, adjustable thermostat, ice-cube trays and combination frost-free/auto defrost designs.

Summit Refrigerator Models

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$1207 - $1399
Summit SPR625OS
Total Capacity: 5.5 cu. ft. • Style: Compact • Color Category: Stainless/Stainless look • Dimensions: 23-5/8 x 23 in.
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