Freezerless Refrigerators

Freezerless appliances are also known as “all refrigerators” and there name conform to the configuration. If you already have a stand alone freezer or you just don't need it, then this type of refrigerators is a perfect choice. These units are offered in various sizes, styles, finishes, prices and they are easily available in the market.

One of the advantages of these appliances is the storage space that they can offer. There is no freezer, so all the space is dedicated to the fresh food compartment. These fridges can accommodate large dishes and pans better, than a traditional side-by-side refrigerator, for example.

Energy-efficiency is another advantage of all refrigerator model. The unit doesn't have to reach freezing, so it uses less energy, than a combined models. It is also advisable to pay attention to Energy Star Certified appliances, because in this case you will know for sure that these models won't consume too much energy for proper performance.

There are different styles of freezerless refrigerators available in market. For example, there are the freezerless chest and full size refrigerators. You can also find freezerless drawer and compact appliances.

Chest fridges are frost-free units and they are equipped with electronic thermostat. This type of freezerless refrigerators is available in different sizes, from 5.5 cu. ft. to 23.5 cu.ft.

Compact frezerless appliances have 1.7 cu.ft. capacity. These units are portable and mobile, they can even be placed on a table. It is a good solution for offices, country house, game rooms, etc.

Full-size refrigerators are free-standing units and they are rather large. Their capacity is about 16 cu.ft. and more.

Freezerless drawers appliances are equipped with fan compressor and adjustable thermostat. These appliances are divided into several compartments, so they are perfect for food organization. They are the most energy-efficient due to the design.

Freezerless refrigerators are a compact, efficient and stylish solution for your house, office or any of the room. They are available in different colors, styles, sizes and with a various number of features, so each customer can choose the unit that will suit his needs most.

Freezerless Refrigerator Models

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$1499 - $1890
Maytag MIM1554XRS
Color Category: Stainless/Stainless look • Dimensions: 14-7/8 x 24-3/8 in.
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