Trane Humidifiers

With over 120 years of experience Trane firmly holds the leading positions in business. The company became an air conditioning pioneer in 1931 and currently they produce various types of air conditioning systems, gas and oil furnaces, thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners and other types of home appliances.

Trane manufactures whole-house humidifiers, which are a good option for medium and large-sized houses and offices. There are two main types of appliances and they are: fan-powered and bypass units. Bypass appliances can efficiently humidify up to 4000 sq. ft. areas. They are equipped with CleanEffects technology, which guarantees the most advanced air filtration system. Trane bypass units include such advantages, like: low maintenance, no stagnant water, energy-efficiency and comfortable humidity-level. Fan-powered devices can humidify up to 4200 sq. ft. areas. They come with CleanEffects technology, maximum moisture control and energy-efficiency. These units are a perfect solution for large houses and business centers.

Trane offers 10-year limited warranty, which covers the internal functional parts. This long-term warranty is available for those customers, who register their units with 60 days of installation. The company is a pioneer in the field of air treatment and it is well-known as a manufacturer of durable, reliable and efficient appliances for commercial and residential purposes.

Trane Humidifier Models

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Trane THUMD200
Type of Humidifier: Cool Mist •
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