Steam Humidifiers

There are a lot of types of humidifiers on the present market and they do a good job at keeping indoor humidity at a necessary level. Basically there are two ways to increase the humidity level in your house or office. The first is to use cool, fog-like mist and another is by means of steam.

Steam humidifiers have become quiet popular because they are easy to use and maintain. Besides they are efficient in humidifying the entire house, work building or apartment complex. These appliances use the simplest and, therefore, the less expensive technology for adding moisture to the air. Steam units, also known as vaporizers, boil water and release warm steam into the room. One of the advantage is the ability to use medicated inhalants together with this device. Vaporizers are widely used in medicinal purposes, as they can relieve sinus and chest congestion due to the allergies, cold or even flu.

Steam humidifiers provide hygienic humidity control, as the heating of water kills germs and viruses, and the released moisture is sterile. They are a good choice for people, who suffer from respiratory illnesses or for nurseries. Vaporizers are efficient, affordable and easy-to-use appliances, but you should keep in mind that they consume more energy, due to their humidifying method.

Steam Humidifier Models

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Air-O-Swiss 7133
Overall Tank Size: 2 • Tank Run Time: 13.7 hours • Weight: 7 • Humidity Control: Humidistat • Type of Humidifier: Ultrasonic • Dimensions: 8.8 x 15.2 x 15.4 in.
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