Relion Humidifiers

ReliOn specializes on medical equipment including clinical thermometers, blood-pressure meters and glucometers and humidifiers. The company offers a full line of room humidifiers, which can help to relieve cold and flu symptoms, soothe dry, itchy or chapped eyes and protect your furniture and plants.

ReliOn produces cool mist, warm mist and ultrasonic humidifiers. Cool mist appliances are great for medium and large rooms. They come with self-regulating evaporative system, several moisture settings and 3-year limited warranty. Warm mist units are equipped with medicine cup, adjustable moisture output and auto shutoff. Ultrasonic devices run up to 20 hours per tank refilling and they are equipped with replaceable filter.

ReliOn humidifiers are efficient, reliable and affordable. They are a good solution for maintaining a comfortable humidity level and increasing the indoor air quality. In addition they are equipped with a range of suitable options and a brand name, that you can rely on.

Relion Humidifier Models

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Relion RCM-832N
Overall Tank Size: 1.25 • Weight: 10 • Type of Humidifier: Cool Mist •
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