Personal Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have become a wide-spread and rather common thing for our society. You can easily find them at homes, offices or in cars. But we shouldn't forget about the protection outdoors, when you go out somewhere, or when you travel by train, plane or bus. Personal air purifier is a mobile version of a regular air cleaner that can provide you with full comfort and convenience. These mini devices are helpful for protecting your breathing space.

Personal air purifier is a compact and lightweight unit that can be worn around the neck, clipped to a shirt/sweater or just placed on a table. These appliances can be useful for those people, who: travel by airplane, use public transport, live in extremely polluted areas, students, shoppers and for people, who suffer from allergies or other respiratory diseases.

Personal air purifiers are offered in various colors, shapes, sizes and designs, in order to suit your style most. These units differ by filter type and you can easily find: HEPA, ion and UV personal cleaners. Some appliances include more, than one filter system, in order to increase the efficiency, for instance HEPA devices are often combined with activated carbon, what makes the unit effective against most of the microorganisms and odors.

Choosing a personal air purifier you should also consider such features, as: size and weight. Since you will have to wear the unit on you, it should be as small and lightweight, as possible. Also pay attention to the charge type, the unit should use rechargeable batteries, otherwise you will spend a fortune on them. Purchasing the right personal air purifier you get a reliable, convenient and mobile unit that you can use day and night.

Personal Air Purifier Models

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Ionic Pro CAR
Digital Controls • HEPA Filter •
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Ionic Pro CAC1
HEPA Filter •
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