Carrier Air Purifiers

Carrier Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of heating, ventilating, purifying and air conditioning systems. Willis Carrier invented the basics of modern air conditioner in 1902 and the corporation was founded in 1915. The company distributes its products to 170 countries on six continents. Being one of the first companies, who manufacture and distribute air conditioners, Carrier could only lead the air purifying sphere. Their air purifiers' family include the most reliable, high-quality, efficient and affordable units in the market.

The company offers a wide range of air purifiers, which come under the Performance series brands, like: Electric, EZ Flex and UV units. Carrier appliances capture particles, which are larger than 0.01-0.03 microns (depending on the series and model of the unit) and so provide you with great efficiency and protection. The devices efficiently remove airborne particles, dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and other contaminants. Most models come with 10-year warranty. In addition Carrier cleaner are well-designed, cost-efficient, powerful and reliable.

If you are looking for a durable and effective air cleaning system, to provide your family with clean and fresh air, Carrier air purifiers are your perfect choice. Their appliances are well-known all over the globe owing to their reliability and high performance quality.

Carrier Air Purifier Models

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$1100 - $1125
Carrier GAPAAXCC2025 Infinity
Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM): 2000 • HEPA Filter •
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