Car Air Purifiers

Having fresh and clean air in the car is a goal that is rather hard to achieve. There are a lot of various products in the market, which can mask the odors and provide the passengers with a feeling of comfort for some short period of time. But if you wish to increase the air quality in your car and to prolong this feeling of comfort, then the purchase of car air purifier is the best solution for you.

Some drivers drive with closed windows and so protect themselves from harmful toxins, because they can affect health and some serious diseases. If you keep the car windows down, you constantly face with smog, allergens and dust. Car air purifier filters the air in your car, providing you with fresh and clean atmosphere.

These units are rather easy to install, as they run off your automotive 12-volt battery, plugged into the car's cigarette lighter. Further maintenance won't bother you either. If you use air purifier with filter, then in most cases the filter should be changed every 4-6 months, depending on the band and size of the unit.

Types of Car Air Purifiers

There are several types of air cleaners and they are: filtered and filterless. Filtered units are rather efficient and powerful, but they require more thorough maintenance. You should be sure that the filter is clean enough to work properly. In addition you should take into account further costs, as you will have to buy the replacement filters. Filterless purifiers don't have any parts, which have to be replaced regularly, so this reduces their operating costs. But one of the disadvantages of filterless appliances is that some people are sensitive to the smell of ionized air. This fact should be considered, before the purchase.

Filterless or ionic purifiers clean the air emitting negative ions, which neutralize airborne particles, like smoke, bacteria, odors and dust. Ions are dispersed by fans, which perform very quietly. These appliances should be gently cleaned with water or paper towel, in order to remove any dust build-up.

If you are sensitive to car emissions, smog or dust and you want to protect yourself and your family, then the best option will be the installation of car air purifier. These units are quiet efficient, as they remove up to 99% of microorganisms and allergens. There is a large number of air cleaners in the market, which differ in sizes and styles, so each customer can choose the right model for him.

Car Air Purifier Models

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