Baby Air Purifiers

Children are very vulnerable to air pollution and especially in the earliest stages of their lives. Especially those contaminates, which are located in their nursery. This pollution comes from many sources and it can easily make your child sick. In some situations, when pollution level is high and prolonged, it can have a long-term and bad influence on health. Children should be protected not only from unhealthy outdoors air elements, but also from air elements within their rooms. It is advisable to clean, ventilate and install an air purifier.

Baby's lungs are delicate and rapidly growing. Children breathe fast and deep. Airborne contaminants will weaken the immune system and affect other organs. Indoors air pollution can cause bronchitis, asthma, sneezing, runny nose, coughing or other illnesses, depending on the pollution level.

Baby air purifiers become more and more popular among the parents, along with strollers, baby walkers and cribs. Parents want to be sure that their babies have the cleanest air and that is why the majority of people place this type of appliances in the rooms.

Baby air cleaners can provide you with a large number of advantages, first and main advantage is clean and fresh air that your child will breathe. Good air purifier can remove dust, pet dander, mold, particles, various viruses and bacteria, so keeping your baby's system healthier. These appliances are useful and important not only for children with asthma or some type of allergies, but also for healthy children, as cleaners can help to prevent the illnesses and help your child to grow healthy.

"White noise" is the second advantage that nursery air purifier can produce. Some babies find it calming and also this option drowns the outside noise, providing your child with sound sleep.

Nursery air purifier is equipped with filter that removes all unseen particles, which are larger, than 0.3 microns. If to compare with a standard filter of an air conditioners, then it is capable to filter particles, which are 10.0 microns or larger.

If you take care of your child and wish to provide him with the best, then purchase of a baby air purifier should be in the task list. These units will make your child's nursery room the cleanest and freshest room in the house and it will be a great pleasure for him to stay there. Quiet operation, nice design, delicate filters and "white noise" option. All these features are included in air cleaners and they will definitely become your reliable assistants at home.

Baby Air Purifier Models

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$89 - $170
Honeywell Germicidal IFD HFD-130
Housing Type: Plastic • Digital Controls • Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM): 150 • Dimensions: 19.37 x 14.21 x 15.39 in.
$146 - $199
Amcor AM-45
Housing Type: Plastic • Digital Controls • Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM): 200 • HEPA Filter • Dimensions: 27.8 x 9.6 x 7.2 in.
$19 - $40
Amcor AM-70
Digital Controls • Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM): 240 • HEPA Filter • Dimensions: 46 x 14 x 14 in.
$36 - $64
Hunter 30027
Housing Type: Plastic • Digital Controls • Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM): 110 • HEPA Filter • Dimensions: 7.25 x 14.5 x 14 in.
$99 - $140
Bionaire BSSP101-U
Digital Controls • Dimensions: 7.75 x 12.38 x 9.5 in.
$59 - $100
Bionaire BAP336-U
Digital Controls • Dimensions: 9 x 24.5 x 12 in.
$60 - $120
Alen Alen A250
Housing Type: Plastic • Digital Controls • HEPA Filter • Dimensions: 17.13 x 6.1 x 17.7 in.
Alen Paralda HEPA
Housing Type: Plastic • Digital Controls • Carbon Filter • Electrostatic Filter • HEPA Filter • Dimensions: 28 x 7 x 11 in.
1 - 8 of 8 Baby Air Purifiers