Soleus Window Air Conditioners

Soleus window air conditioner is a unique blend of beauty, elegance, perfection, innovations and durability.This appliance is well-designed and it will definitely match your interior and even supplement it, adding glamour to your room.

Unlike many other air conditioners, Soleus window air conditioner makes your room look stylish and modern. Easy installation process will impress you. When you buy a Soleus window unit, you buy an air conditioning system. This system offers the blue print, used for manufacturing all Soleus appliances and including window air conditioner. The advanced features of these units guarantee easy and efficient functioning. You will definitely get high value for your money.

If you happen to visit a place, where Soleus window air conditioner is installed, and see it in action, you will make sure that the purchase is worth every penny, spent on it. These appliances have gained great popularity and high ratings in the world market. They offer efficient and durable performance, plus stylish and modern design that will supplement your house or office.

Soleus Window Air Conditioner Models

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$439 - $467
Soleus KTW-10
Type: Thru-Wall/Window • Cooling Capacity: 10000 BTU • Air Flow: 280 CFM • Air Direction • Dimensions: 25.98 x 16.88 x 15.62 in.
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