Fedders Portable Air Conditioners

Fedders window air conditioners are produced to offer style and high class in the market. They come with remote control and easy-to-use modes. These window units are remarkable for being very easy to install, they are also very affordable and come with a minimum of a three-month warranty. Fedders portable air conditioners are popular for being very mobile and stylish, as their sleek and elegant designs will surprise you. Another notable fact is that you can use these portable devices in such places, where it is difficult to mount window units. This feature makes them the most highly demanded air conditioners among the consumers.

Fedders portable air conditioners come with either a double or a single hose. They are offered with remote control and can be easily installed and uninstalled without using any tools or equipment. Fedders room ar conditioners are appliances for indoor usage; they are either window or portable wall units. Fedders room units are mounted on a wall, they are quite small, come with remotes and have very low power consumption. Fedders portable air conditioners are used in the rooms, as Fedders room appliances; their mobility, simplicity of installation and reinstallation make them one of the best air conditioners for room cooling.

Fedders Portable Air Conditioner Models

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$359 - $445
Fedders AZHP12D2A
Type: Stand Alone/Portable • Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU • Air Flow: 235 CFM • Air Direction • Dimensions: 18.88 x 18.28 x 36.63 in.
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