Air Conditioner Filters

1Air conditioner filter is a fibrous element located under the front board through which the air-stream is released. Filters remove dust, pollen, mold and bacteria, so protecting the room inhabitants and the the radiator of the indoor unit from harmful affect of polluted air. Generally the operation of an air conditioner can be compared with the operation of a vacuum cleaner, because it performs as dust-remover. There are two main types of air filters: permanent and washable. Usually it’s necessary to clean/change filters every two weeks, but if air pollution level exceeds, the air conditioner filter should be washed more frequently. It is also important to keep the filter clean, because dirty filter lower the units energy-efficiency, decelerate the cooling process and affect health, increasing the possibility of respiratory diseases, like asthma or allergies.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner filter

air-conditioner-filters_mitsubishiRecently designed air filter Mitsubishi Electric is equipped with special catalytic covering which operates as antioxidant. It is an active substance that belongs to flavonoids , known for restorative abilities and in the result of reaction they turn into free radicals or chemically inactive compounds. In such a reaction an active substance acts as an accelerant of chemical change – catalyst. One of the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner filter is the long-term performance.

Toshiba air conditioner filter

air-conditioner-filters_toshibaTriplex filters guarantee the highest air quality. The new triplex system (big washable antibacterial, passive electrostatic and ceolite filter) of Toshiba air conditioners improves the indoor air quality considerably. The filtration level is so high that it removes air-polluting molecules, which are larger than 0,0001 microns.

Due to its highly corrugated covering the cleaning efficiency of Toshiba ceolite filter is much higher, in comparison with traditional activated charcoal filters. It lowers the concentration of pollutants in the air in double-quick time.

Panasonic air conditioner filter

air-conditioner-filters_panasonicPanasonic air conditioner filter is designed with a special substance – catechine. Due to it the filter catches the smallest dust particles and also animal hair, tobacco smoke etc. Besides this filter type can detect and deactivate common viruses and bacteria, preventing the spread of various infections.

Panasonic air conditioner coal filter eliminates tobacco smoke, smells, odors and other air pollutants. In order to regenerate the deodorizing effect, just leave it in the direct sunlight for about 6 hours every six months.

Samsung air conditioner filter

air-conditioner-filters_samsungSamsung air conditioners are equipped with multilevel purifying system. It consists of the preliminary biofilter and main air filter. The airflow goes through the preliminary biofilter first and only then the principle stage of air purifying begins. As a result the unit releases fresh and pure airflow. In this way the system prevents you from harmful affect of polluted air.

Hitachi air conditioner filter

air-conditioner-filters_hitachiFilter and ionizer of Hitachi air conditioners can satisfy the most fastidious air gourmets. Ultraviolet light and filter in the built-in unit guarantee efficient air purification. UV light eliminates bacteria and viruses in the indoor air, protecting you and your family. 

Daikin air conditioner filter

air-conditioner-filters_daikinThe developers developed two additional preliminary filters, besides the main ones, they are coarse and electrostatic filters. In this way they have improved the performance of Daikin photocatalytic purifying system. These filters can trap large dust particles and also mechanical pollutants. The filters are permanent and it is enough to wash them in warm water.

Daikin photocatalytic purifying system has an efficient deodorizing effect and it also removes more, than 95% of dust and harmful particles (according to the results of the test conducted by ASHRAE experts).