Trane Air Conditioners

Trane air conditioners have first appeared in the market when Reuben Trane, the founder of Trane group, manufactured an air conditioner in 1931. Nowadays Trane is one of the top manufacturers of air conditioners and this company offers durable, quality and reliable products. Trane unit not only cools or warms up your house or office, but it also cleans air and, according to the company's data, this appliance removes around 99% of dust and other air borne allergens. Such efficient results are gained due to the usage of Trane CleanEffects air filtration system. The most popular model of Trane air conditioners is the XL19i.

Trane Air ConditionersAll Trane appliances are made from materials, which are tested repeatedly to guarantee highest quality and strength of the product. The product is rigorously subjected to the System Extreme Environment Test, which makes it reliable and user-friendly.

The company focuses on providing increased efficiency in home cooling, in addition they manufacture durable and rather affordable appliances. Each Trane's customer can choose the right model that will meet not only his budgetary funds, but also the expectations and needs, concerning unit's performance. In a nutshell, Trane air conditioner efficiently heats, cools, cleans air and controls humidity, so providing cleaner, healthier air for the inhabitants.

If you have any questions regarding Trane air conditioners, contact your local qualified independent Trane dealer, who is ready to help you in every possible way. If you need any consultation regarding the maintainance of your system, he’s there; if you need to replace any part of your equipment, he’s there; if you need to install a wholly new system, he’s there to assist you with his ideas and advice.

Trane Air ConditionerTrane air conditioners are sold all over the world. They are not only used in the USA, but also in Britain, China, Thailand, Brazil and some other countries as well.

Trane Air Conditioner Prices

As far as Trane air conditioner prices are concerned, it may be around $3,500 - $10,000. The cost depends on the type of equipment that you decide to install; the space available for the installation of ducts and vents also play a significant role in price. You can also avail of discounts on certain purchases.

So, if you are thinking of installing a new air conditioner or maybe thinking of replacing your present system, pay your attention to Trane air appliances. The company has proven itself in the last few decades as a company, which is dedicated to its business and faithful service, provided to the valuable consumers.