Toshiba Air Conditioning

Toshiba is a widely renowned company, which deals with technologies and electronic products. It is significant for providing appliances, which are safe, durable, powerful and stylish. The company provides energy-efficient air conditioners and air purification systems for homes and companies.

toshiba-air-conditioners1Toshiba air conditioners are produced in such a way, that they cool rooms, houses and offices by extracting heat from the rooms and supplying new fresh cool air from the external atmosphere. These appliances offer their users perfect performance and energy efficiency, in addition high-quality filtration, purification and ionization, which create cool and clean atmpsphere in every room of your home. Toshiba air conditioning systems are manufactured in Japan, Thailand and China. For the Indian market, the products are fully imported from the factories in Japan and Thailand. The units have a grand history that has started in 1930 and lasts till now. The company won numerous awards, among of them is the main prize, presented by the Ministry of Energetics and Resources (Japan), for the contribution to economy of electricity and another prize for the best technological solution, presented by Japanese Association for cooling and conditioning. 

toshiba-air-conditioners2Toshiba air conditioners' family includes Split and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems. The new advanced conditioners of split type and floor-standing appliances and compressors. These new air conditioners have very efficient heat exchanger, that keeps the room warm or cold, in accodance with user's requirements. Toshiba units have a wide-angle airflow, with low weight and compact size, which allow the customer to use them in any room and easily carry them in any part of your house or office and at any time. New design for water discharge, creates higher efficiency, and catches user’s eyes. The latest version of Toshiba air conditioner provides additional facility of controlling the ceiling fans. Due to this feature the room temperature remains even and comfortable for the user and in addition the electricity bills are cut down. 

toshiba-air-conditioners3Toshiba air conditioners are available in various shapes and sizes. The three common types are window, wall hanging and cassette air conditioners. Toshiba systems are often used in small rooms and houses, but they can be easily used for medium-sized houses and offices. Cassette appliances are usually used in large offices. Recently Toshiba has introduced their new split air conditioner. This appliance has a very stylish design, it consumes less energy, easy in maintainance and provides you with all the basic features. One more advantageous feature of this appliance is a new flashy remote that allows the user to operate the unit from any corner of the room. Toshiba air conditioners have all these features and, furthermore, they are very energy-efficient. Due to all these characteristics, consumers have always prefered Toshiba units to air conditioners of other brands.