Hitachi Air Exchanger

Hitachi is one of the worldwide leading electronic manufactures, who produces and markets a wide range of electronic appliances like household devices, semiconductors, air conditioning and environmental systems. Hitachi is the only Asian company that captures about forty percents of Asian market and twenty-five of the global market. For over 35 years, Hitachi air conditioning units have been committed to the growth and production of the highest quality air conditioning systems.

hitachi-air-exchanger2Hitachi provides a wide range of room air conditioners, which includes the new air exchanger as well. Hitachi’s air exchanger has various advanced functions, which can't be provided by a standard room air conditioner. Hitachi unit includes all the DC inverter PAM controls, which have considerably improved the performance of the air conditioner and its efficiency. This appliance is very well equipped with additional functions like, two ways of ventilation system and high air quality filters. The high air quality filter option is the best, due to its self-cleaning option, as it ensures you that every blow of air is clean and filled with its highest quality. The exchanger’s two way ventilation keeps the entire room cool. Its cooling technology is so high, that even the most distant areas of the room, where a standard air conditioners can't reach, are cool. Hitachi air exchanger has a built-in refrigerant that helps the twin rotary compressor cool the room or house very efficiently and swiftly, with smoother rotation and no disturbance. The units are well-designed and they automatically provide most favorable cooling or heating operation by combination of indoor and outdoor sensors. In terms of efficiency, these units are cream of the crop, with a ‘Five’ star energy label, which helps the customer to decrease energy consumption, even using the air conditioners every other day.