Goodman Air Conditioners

If you want to forget about stuffy and hot weather outdoors, during summer seasons, and cold conditions in winter, creating a pleasant, fresh atmosphere at home, then air conditioners can become the right solution for you. If you're already thinking about the purchase, we would advise you to pay attention to Goodman air conditioners.

Goodman air conditioner is an affordable and reliable appliance that can help you to fight with unpleasant weather conditions all the year round. The purchase is covered by warranties, which are among the best currently available in the heating and cooling industry.

Air Conditioner GoodmanGoodman company has been manufacturing air conditioners since 1982 and is considered to be a reputed brand. Their three decades of experience mean that the customers, who purchase Goodman appliances, can be sure about finding themselves in possession of a system, that corresponds to the highest standards of the industry, and, further, it will be installed by real professionals, who know their job perfectly.

Goodman company is currently among the largest manufacturers of heating and cooling systems for residential uses. The manufacturers claim that they have gained this status by firm concentration on building reliable and affordable heating and cooling systems for both residential and commercial purposes. The founder, Harold Goodman, came into the business with certain goals. He wanted to manufacture heating and cooling systems that

  • offer long-lasting and better performance, than other competing appliances;
  • would be more reliable, than the systems manufactured by other companies;
  • could be swiftly installed, with minimum hassle;
  • would come with the best warranties of the system;
  • would be affordable as few other heating and cooling systems were.

The company has remained true to Harold Goodman's ideals, and that's why, as they insist, Goodman air conditioners are among the most dependable in the market.

Goodman Air Conditioners ReviewsGoodman air conditioners come in several models. The company has a central air conditioning system powerful enough to keep your entire house cool even during the most burning summer. You can get it at a relatively low-price and with increased energy-efficiency. Purchase of Goodman unit means that you don't have to choose between durability, affordability and efficiency, as a Goodman air conditioner provides you with all that.

Below you can find the description of two Goodman air conditioners, which have the highest rates. Please, keep in mind that the higher the SEER number, the more energy-efficient, and therefore environmentally friendly the item is likely to be.

MSG13 mini-split ACs are covered with a Compressor Warranty of no less than five years, in addition to a one year Parts Limited Warranty. These appliances are auto-start; they can be operated via remote; their sweeping air flow provides extra comfort; their speed vary from 12,000 to 24,000 BTU/h; the air filter is easy to clean.

DSXC18 Air Conditioner has up to 18 SEER performance, an Outstanding Warranty Protection and a ComfortNet Communication System. It is AHRI Certified; ETL Listed system, which comes with a set-up capable with two low-voltage, wired to an outdoor unit. The refrigerant here is chlorine-free.