Everstar Portable Air Conditioner

We are sure that during summer season many of you think about installing an air conditioner to give your homes that final touch of comfort and a feeling of well-being. And some of you may feel that it’s high time you spoke to your local agent in order to repair the chinks, which have been appearing over the years in your air conditioning system and get ready to face summer season with proper heat-fighting artillery in your bags! Well, why don’t you do something different this time?

We would advise you to pay attention to Everstar portable or room air conditioner, because these appliances can provide you with a great number of advantages. Everstar portable room air conditioner removes stuffy air and cools off the room quiet fast, providing the inhabitants with a pleasant and healthy atmosphere. It operates quietly and efficiently with the help of a bucket-less evaporating system. Everstar appliances are controlled by a remote unit, which provides you with full control from any part of the room. There are 3 fan speeds, which allow you to adjust the conditioner's flow to a comfortable level.

Everstar room air conditioner comes with Bio Filter system, which removes all the dust and different types of bacteria from the rooms very efficiently and, as a result, you get fresh, clean and healthy atmosphere in the house.

Everstar portable air conditioner has four casters, attached to the bottom, which provide you with an opportunity of shifting the system from one room to another. Everstar units also have a 24-hour timer that allows you to select the work time of the appliance, without turning it off or on manually each time.

The system is user-friendly as there is no bucket to empty, due to the technologically advanced evaporation system in the unit. Besides, you don't need to employ workers, in order to install the unit, as these appliances don't need to be installed. So Everstar conditioners not just provide you with quite work, comfortable and fresh atmosphere in your house, but they also prevent you from extra-pays.

There are a number of models you can choose from. Some of Everstar portable air conditioners even come with a remote control supplemented with LCD screen and adjustable thermostat!

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up to choose the right Everstar air conditioner for your house and meet summer season perfectly ready!