Air conditioners Daikin FTXR

Regular weather changes have brought sudden temperature rise and falls, which lead to unbearable outdoor conditions. Therefore, nowadays adoption of artificial means has become essential to control temperature at home and at workplace. In this situation, air conditioners have become a necessity rather, than a luxury. Many modifications have taken place, in order to avoid the adverse effects of artificial temperature control on health and this observations have been realized in the new and advanced model of air conditioners Daikin FTXR.

air-conditioners-daikin-ftxr2Air conditioner Daikin FTXR has the feature of maintaining the room temperature at a comfortable level, both during winter and summer seasons, without making any bad influence on human health or developing any type of unhealthy atmospheric condition that can cause colds, sore throat and other illnesses. Daikin FTXR appliances are also known as Ururu Sarara, as these names relate to the technologies used for humidification and dehumidification.

Ururu in Daikin FTXR unit is the technology that works during the winter season. It is equipped with an element that absorbs the outside humidity and supplies it inside the room while heating it. Therefore, it does not require any type of maintenance like other air conditioners, as there is no need of a water tank inside the appliance, which reduces growth of microbes in the unit, making it healthy and safe.

air-conditioners-daikin-ftxr1Sarara in air conditioners Daikin FTXR works during summer season to reduce the humidity in the room while cooling it. The special element, used in FTXR unit, dehumidifies the room to bring the humidity level in the room at a comfortable standard. Mixture of warm humid air in the room with the cold dry air, produced by the air conditioner, helps to maintain cool temperature and remove the suffocating atmpsphere, caused by excessive humidity.