Air conditioner Daikin FTX

Nowadays people have become used to all the comforts that they can derive from man-made gadgets, though it takes them away from natural conditions required for a healthy body. However, people have realized the adverse influence of artificial means of comfort and have turned their attention towards those gadgets, which provide comfort, maintaining all the conditions required for wellbeing. Japanese company Daikin has introduced air conditioners Daikin FTXG, fitted with all the required equipments for providing comfort and maintaining the natural conditions in the city.

air-conditioners-daikin-ftxg1Air conditioner Daikin FTXG has separate shutters, which move hot or cold air around the room, but not to be blown directly into the faces of people, who are staying in the room. During summer season, cold air is circulated in the room, by making it flow horizontally into the room, whereas, during winter season, hot air flows vertically downwards to reach feet first. Daikin FTXG appliances also have the function of three-dimensional airflow that helps heat or coolness to be dispersed in a large area evenly, even covering the corners of the room. Therefore, Daikin FTXG unit is the most suitable temperature control device for offices, dining halls, and conference halls or other large areas.

air-conditioners-daikin-ftxg3Special options increase the operational power of air conditioners Daikin FTXG, these give you the facility of increasing the air-flow during a short period of time. Your Daikin unit has the automatic feature of reducing the air flow, when the temperature in the room reaches the necessary cooling or heating level. Along with these characteristics, Daikin appliances have timer mode. This feature is a perfect choice for a sound and comfortable night sleep, as it helps to maintain the cooling or heating level even after the air conditioner turns off automatically, as soon as the room becomes comfortably cool or hot.