Air conditioners Daikin FT

Japanese company Daikin has manufactured air conditioners to fulfill the needs of every consumer whether it is for individual purpose, for big commercial organizations or for small offices and houses, with not much space available. Air conditioners Daikin FT are specially manufactured for usage in small spaces whether it is an office or a small flat. FT unit has wall mounting facility that saves space and its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install or mount at any wall. Moreover, its silent operative mode does not create any type of disturbance either at home or at busy office rooms.

air-conditioners-daikin-ft2Air conditioners Daikin FT is the best choice for offices as it has the facility of connecting five units installed indoor with one FT unit installed outdoor. The remote control in Daikin FT appliances has the feature of operating all the units installed within the office or home so you get the facility of centralized control that helps you to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level within your preferences. The units of Daikin FT have the individual controlling facility also. The remote control has a timer option, it can be set up to twenty-four hours, so you can select the necessary time limit.

air-conditioners-daikin-ft3You can use both heating and cooling functions in each unit of air conditioner Daikin FT. Therefore, you do not need to install any other system for heating purpose in winter, if you install FT appliances. Maintenance of air conditioner Daikin FT becomes easy as it has a front panel that is washable. Every Daikin FT unit has air purification system that not only filters air, but also deodorizes the living area.