Air conditioners Daikin ATY Eco Comfort

Air conditioners Daikin ATY Eco comfort are specially designed for offices, shops, malls and other commercial organizations to keep up the atmosphere in these crowded places comfortable and to increase the working efficiency of the staff. Daikin ATY Eco comfort appliance has advanced feature of installation into ceiling that keeps it hidden from view and makes it the best compatible option for interiors of commercial complexes. Daikin ATY Eco comfort unit's performance is noiseless, for outdoors and indoors, allows to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level, not disturbing general working atmosphere.

air-conditioners-daikin-aty-eco-comfort1Air conditioners Daikin ATY Eco comfort not only add elegance to the interior by its modern and stylish look, but also have special feature of grilles to deliver air in such a way that it can cover the entire area even in rooms, which are not of regular square shapes. ATY Eco comfort unit keeps to all the standards adopted for maintaining the ecological balance and reducing harmful effects on the environment. Daikin ATY Eco comfort's remote control has wires, attached to more, than one air conditioner Daikin ATY Eco comfort, for controlling them all from one place.

air-conditioners-daikin-aty-eco-comfort2Air conditioners ATY Eco comfort have installed movement detectors. As a result they automatically start working as soon, as any movement takes place in the room and automatically switche off as soon, as people leave the room. During winter season Daikin ATY Eco comfort appliance does not deliver cold air, while it starts up, as every unit has the system of cut-in, in accordance with it only warm air is provided into the room.