Coleman Air Conditioners

Are you looking for a system that will allow you to enjoy maximum comfort and better living conditions at home? Purchasing a Coleman air conditioner for your house you will be able to achieve what you are looking for. Your local Coleman dealer will consider all the relevant factors, evaluate them and help you to choose the right appliance, that will meet your requirements in the best possible manner.

Air Conditioner ColemanColeman air conditioner is a split system air conditioner. The appliance consists of two parts – an indoor unit, known as the air handler, and an outdoor part. The other parts of the system are compressor, fan, condenser coil, evaporator coil and refrigerant. The split system makes air inside the house circulate which, on its part, allows heat to be moved outside. This method allows the indoor air to get cold gradually.

The basic Coleman air conditioner parts are:

  • condensing unit and the evaporating coil;
  • indoor air handler with coil;
  • ductwork to transfer the cooled air all through the house.

Coleman Air Conditioners partIf you experience any troubles with the appliance's parts and would like to replace them, Coleman offers special services for that too. Coleman air conditioner parts like shrouds, blower motors, gaskets, filters, fan blades, circuit boards, and wall thermostats can be replaced if you have your model number, product number and serial number. It is also advisable to have the item, you would like to replace, at hand, as you may need to provide its details. However if the freon is out of order or the compressor is not working, then it is better not to go in for changing parts. It would be much more sensible to replace the unit in such a case. If your air conditioner is 5 – 10 years old and the experienced problem is not a minor one, it is always better to replace your old system with a new Coleman appliance.

If you still have any doubts, you can visit Coleman air conditioners website and take a look at custumers' reviews. You may also place any question that you have. Our experts will be happy to answer it.