Home Air Conditioner Units

home-air-conditioner-units3Getting an air conditioner has become the number one task nowadays, due to the climatic changes, which we experience. These changes spill over into very hot summer and cold winter seasons, so it is rather hard to create a comfortable and nice atmosphere at home. Present market offers a great number of air conditioning systems, some of them are expensive and some are rather cheap. Making the right choice can be a very difficult task for an average customer.

Home appliances are designed to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for its user. There are four main types of air conditioning systems and they are: central, window, wall and portable air conditioners.

Central air conditioners are probably the most well-known appliances. These units have become very popular due to their practicalness. In comparison with window air conditioners, central units operate more quietly.

home-air-conditioner-units2Window unit is the best choice for those houses, which do not have duct work already installed, because the installation itself is rather time-taking and expensive. These appliances are easy to install and they are rather cheap, when it comes to cost per BTU of cooling. However, window air conditioner has its disadvantages, since this appliance is installed in a window, it is capable of heating or cooling a single room only. But it is a good option for small houses.

Wall air conditioners are similar to window units, but the main difference lies in the way of installation. These home appliances require permanent fixture, compared to window units, which can be easily installed and uninstalled. Wall units also come in cooling-only or cooling/heating varieties.

Portable air conditioners are very mobile and they usually come with wheels, so you can easily move them from one room to another. This type of home appliances is good for apartments of property that you don't own. Portable units are affordable and rather powerful.

home-air-conditioner-units1While choosing the type of an air conditioner it is also important to take into account your house size, because the unit should have correct capacity to manage the temperature of your house. A unit that is too small for your room or house just will not be able to do its job and you will never be satisfied with the room temperature. Getting a unit that is too large for the room will keep the temperature uncomfortably chilled and will also cause your electricity bills to shoot up. You should also consider the climate in your city and the amount of direct sunlight that your house gets, before actual purchase. In such countries like Japan, China, air conditioners are a necessity, rather than a luxury, due to excessive heat and humidity. Today there is a wide range of home appliances available in market, manufactured by different companies like LG, Samsung, Sanio, Panasonic, Godrej and many more.

Recently the manufactures have come up with a new concept of energy-saving feature. New air conditioners not only save the electricity bill, but also provide very high performance, as they cool the houses in no time and their air supply reaches every corner of the house. Not so long ago one of the manufacturers has produced a new home conditioner, which has a facility of split air. Home units not only cool the inner area, but also clean air and create a healthy atmosphere for everyone.